Code of Ethics


Vihaan expects all Distributors to uphold the principles of fairness, honesty and integrity in all their dealings and activities as Distributors.

This Code of Ethics forms part of the QNET Policies & Procedures and all other regulations and agreements currently in place, which bind every Distributor. Any serious breach of the Code, Policies & Procedures, regulations and agreements in place will involve action(s) being taken by Vihaan in accordance with the company’s Policies & Procedures.

The Code of Ethics explains proper conduct of business for Distributors to practice.

Additionally, Vihaan encourages all Distributors to obtain and observe the Code of Ethics that has been provided by any DSA (Direct Selling Association) and / or Government Guideline in their respective countries if and where applicable.

It is a mandatory requirement that Distributors comply with the Code of Ethics at all times.




1.1 Contact & Communications

A Distributor:
a)    will at all times, when contacting anyone either from a telephone list or by other means, respect the privacy and wishes of the person contacted;
b)    will never engage in objectionable or abusive conduct, unfair or aggressive conduct when contacting or dealing with any other person in relation to QNET or opportunity it provides;
c)    will offer the opportunities of, and association with QNET, on its merits without exaggeration, concealment, curiosity or misrepresentation;
d)    will ensure they maintain their personal presentation in dress, language and documentation to the highest possible standard;
e)    Will observe the provisions of the law and good manners regarding times and days when making the call and appointments. 

1.2  Presenting Opportunity


A Distributor presenting the Business Plan at any time, conducting a Training Event or Seminar or QNET Distributor Meeting will:
a)    not falsely represent to any person any details regarding the financial rewards available under the QNET Plan;
b)    not make any false or misleading representations about the features of QNET’s products, services and programmes, including as to their standard, quality, value, characteristics, accessories, uses for a particular purpose, merchantability or benefits;
c)    not make any false or misleading representations about the price of QNET products or services;
d)    not engage in conduct that is liable to mislead anyone as to the nature, manufacturing process, characteristics, suitability for purpose or quality of any QNET products or services;
e)    not make any false or misleading representations concerning the need by anyone for goods or services;
f)    make it thoroughly clear to any person to whom the Distributor discusses the opportunity that financial rewards to Distributors are based on an Distributor’s individual performance;
g)    use official literature as approved by Vihaan including forms, scripts and other tools.

1.3 Conducting Business


An Distributor must not at any time:
a) take advantage of another person’s disabilities or weaknesses, such as illness, age, infirmity, lack of education or unfamiliarity with language;
b) actively solicit or demand orders for QNET products by anything other than an offer to collate any order a Distributor wishes to make, including by the use of physical force, undue harassment or coercion;
c) refuse to identify themselves when requested to do so.

1.4 Explaining the Business Plan

When presenting or discussing the QNET Business Plan and the Benefits which might be available, a Distributor must generally rely for reference on company literature and observe the following regarding the contents of the Business Plan:

a)    if predictions as to profitability are made, they should reflect what an average person carrying on the Business would achieve under normal circumstances;
b)    if any estimates of profits are made, the assumptions on which they are based should be clearly stated;
c)    where there is no previous experience on which to base expectations as to profitability, this should be stated when making the representation.

When presenting or discussing the QNET Business Plan, a Distributor must not make false representations concerning:

a)    any risks likely to be associated with carrying on the Business;
b)    the amount of time the average person would have to devote to carrying on the Business;
c)    the annual expenditure and the annual gross income which the average person carrying on the Business might expect and the method of calculating those figures.




2.1 Authorisation Limit

Authorisation of a Distributor is limited. They shall refer any matter pertaining to QNET to the designated Company Representative. A Distributor shall not interfere in any decision making process without prior written approval from the Company Representative.

2.2 Poaching Distributors
Vihaan does not condone the intentional poaching of other competitors’ Distributors or Distributors from another line of referralship within the QNET Business.



As trademarks, logos and service marks are registered and owned by Vihaan and/or its affiliates, all written materials are the copyright of Vihaan. The use of trademarks, logos or service marks or the publication of copyright materials may only be undertaken with the written authorisation from Vihaan and not otherwise.




Vihaan publishes detailed data about its products which is verifiable, accurate and complete. A Distributor must not make claims about any QNET products or services unless they are sourced from appropriate official company literature and accurately reflect the information contained in the appropriate literature.



5.1 Promote Ethical Business Practice

A Distributor will:
a)    ensure the Distributors in his/her group are aware of this Code and at all times carry out their Business relationships either within the group or with Distributors of the public in a lawful manner, with courtesy and integrity, and in accordance with this Code;
b)    ensure they remain well informed regarding laws applicable to the Business and duties of a Distributor including other essential facts and public policies or regulations which may affect such Business and duties;
c)    keep confidential and not unethically use information that may be of detriment to another Distributor’s Business. 

5.2 QNET’s Obligations

QNET will ensure that:

a)    its employees will at all times act in a manner which does not conflict with the best legitimate interests of a Distributor and carry out duties in accordance with professional courtesy and integrity;
b)    Distributors are kept well informed regarding laws applicable to the Business and duties of Distributors and other essential facts and public policies which affect such Business and duties and will comply with all the requirements thereof;
c)    full cooperation of its employees is given to Distributors with respect to advising them about matters which affect them;
d)    it acts in the Distributors’ legitimate interest to the best of its abilities.




Vihaan and a Distributor will accept the Code of Ethics entirely and observe its provisions.


6.1 Compliance

Vihaan and a Distributor will ensure full compliance of the Code:
a)    in Vihaan’s case by Directors, Executives and all other employees;
b)    in the Distributor’s case by the Distributor and their Downlines.

6.2 Administration
QNET will administer its dealings with Distributors in a manner that is conducive to compliance of the Code of Ethics.




Distributor(s) must not:
a)    tout for or on behalf of another MLM Company or Direct Selling Company;
b)    divulge confidential information to unauthorised persons or for unauthorised or unethical purposes;
c)    discuss financial aspects of other Distributors’ Businesses;
d)    encourage another Distributor to change line of referralship;
e)    engage in Cross Lining or Poaching;
f)    encourage or induce any other person to engage in Cross Lining or Poaching;
g)    use company’s sponsored Functions, Literatures or CDs to support Cross Lining or Poaching.  




A Distributor, either with or without an Upline’s assistance, must at all times complete all relevant parts of an Application in the presence of the Prospect.

8.1 Explanation to Prospect

A Sponsor or Upline must explain to the Prospect, and complete in their presence, the details of the Application Forms so that the Prospect comprehends that they are personally introduced by the Upline or Referrer.

8.2 Application Subject to Acceptance
The Application Form is subject to Vihaan’s discretion in accepting it as a valid application and making the appointment of that person as a Distributor.




If a Distributor becomes aware of a breach of this Code, and wishes to proceed to lodge a complaint, the complaint should be made in writing in accordance to Vihaan’s Policies & Procedures.



“Good Business ethics starts with ME, the Leader. As a QNET Distributor, I will…


  • Be honest and fair in my dealings with business; 
  • Perform all my professional activities in a manner that will enhance my reputation and the positive reputation established bythe company and the QNET brand; 
  • Present the Compensation Plan accurately and honestly, clearly portraying the level of effort required to achieve success; 
  • Present realistic income possibilities only, and solely in relation to the appropriate effort involved; 
  • Present the benefits and information of the business as stated in the Company’s official literature and from my own personal experiences; 
  • Accept and carry out to my best effort all duties expected of a Distributor and Referrer, including training and supporting the Downlines in my organisation; 
  • Abide by all Policies & Procedures that are applicable to the operation of my business; 
  • Strive to ensure that my Downlines are satisfied with my service and leadership; 
  • Answer the questions and queries of prospects and Downlines fairly and honestly; 
  • Refer only those people that I have developed as my own Downlines and/or business prospects; 
  • Always encourage prospect(s) developed by their initial referrers to be referred by them as well; 
  • Be clear that QNET is a network marketing opportunity in which my income is related to my marketing and leadership skills as well as my own personal efforts; 
  • Treat all prospects, Downlines and associates with respect, goodwill and professional courtesy; 
  • Not entice Downlines from outside my Line of Referralship to sign under my organisation; 
  • Not misrepresent the QNET business in any way; 
  • Not use any advertising that I know may be false or misleading; 
  • Be fair and just to my Downlines and associates, and not engage in practices that may reflect unfavourably on myself, my organisation, the Company, and/or the industry; 
  • Conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standard of integrity, frankness and responsibility because I recognise that my actions as a Distributor of Vihaan have far-reaching effects; 
  • Use the information contained in all company websites for my personal, non-commercial use only; 
  • Not create any unapproved or illegal websites, which may tarnish the image of QNET, the company and/or its business.


This is my pledge and commitment to myself, my network, and my Company.”


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